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Farming Operations

The Kayalami Ranch Operation focus is on hay production and beef cattle.


The main hay pastures have been replanted and re-seeded with a special Bahia cultivar, called UF Riata, which the University of Florida developed to match the typical climate conditions of North Central Florida.


While putting up hay is a serious business that requires specialized equipment and a good knowledge of weather, it can be gratifying and fun. Check it out!


The cow-calf operation started in 2014 with 3 registered Black Angus heifers. Since then, the herd has grown to 121 cattle on-site. The focus was placed on the maintenance of the most humane cattle operations, and the coral and cow handling facilities were based on the recommendations of Professor Temple Grandin.


Over the past 7 years, there has been a substantial effort put into improving the Genetics of the herd, including purchasing a Bull from the well-Known Express Ranch and using semen for artificial insemination from proven Angus bulls.


In May 2021, Kayalami Ranch became an associate member of the Florida Cattle Ranches and sent a batch of the 2020/21 weaned calves for development to a point where they can be harvested.

Wildlife & Forest

Kayalami Ranch boasts a significant amount of wildlife, and there are 15+/- acres of preserved Gofer Forrest on the property, which will require special permission to deforest. Deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, owls, possums are regularly spotted.

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